Acid violence is a form of premeditated violence, usually against women, involving throwing corrosive acid at the face of the victim. Acid violence rarely kills but always destroys lives, often young lives.

A survivor of an acid attack, even if she (or he) has been able to get good and early treatment, will for the rest of her (or his) life have a scarred and often disfigured face. All too often she (or he) then will have to cope with social isolation and ostracism which further undermines her (or his) self-esteem and confidence.

Burn violence often occurs in those countries where access to acid is not readily available. The use of kerosene and gas are often the weapon of choice in these attacks against these victims. The needs for medical and psychological care of these burn victims are the same as those attacked by acid.


So the trauma is not only physical but psychological and social.

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